Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Adorable Baby Burp Cloths

Yesterday I showed you how to make receiving blankets and I promised I would show you how to make adorable burp cloths to finish the set. Today we are going to use an adorable truck fabric !

We discussed picking fabric in my previous post, check here if you haven't already see my suggestions.

When making baby burp cloths you use a significantly smaller cut of fabric than with the receiving blankets. I usually use the left over pieces of fabric I have from cutting the blankets to make these cute and absolutely necessary items. 

First, start with a folded piece of the print flannel. You will cut this piece down to 14 inches x 10 inches. (14 inches is a good length to cover a shoulder and part of a back while 10 inches is wide enough to cover the shoulder from neck to arm) Your fabric piece should be large enough for you to cut 2 sets of print flannel cut out. Cut the fabric 14 inches long and the width will be wide enough to allow you to cut two 10 inch wide burp cloths. 

Lay out your fabric and cut it 14 in long

14x10 inch pieces

Repeat this process on the solid color flannel. 

At this point you should have 8 pieces of flannel cut. 

Take a cup and round the corners off either by using your rotary cutter or marking the fabric with a marking pen and then rounding the corner with scissors.

Use the remaining fabric left over from cutting out the burp cloths pieces to make binding strips for the edges of the burp cloths. Cut 2- 2 inch wide strips.  (I prefer to use the solid color flannel for the binding)

Now you will layer the fabric for the burp cloths. You will use 4 pieces per burp cloth, I like to put the print on one side and the solid on the other.

Once the pieces are layered line up the edges and use your ruler to draw 2 straight lines 1 1/2 inches on either side of the center of the burp cloths. These lines once stitched will hold the layers of fabric together and stabilize the burp cloth.

Stitch along the lines that you have drawn.

Now place one edge of the binding strip on the edge of the back side of the burp cloth, you will place it so the width of the strip is laying towards the inside of the burp cloth. 

Begin stitching 1 inch away from the end of your binding strip, you should have a one inch tail left free from stitching. This will allow you to fold the strip over when finishing. Stitch the binding strip down with a 3/8 of an inch seam. As with the blankets start in the middle of the bottom side of the cloth.

Over lap the free ends of the binding once you have stitched around the entire cloth.

Once finished the first stitch of the binding will look like this.

Turn the binding over the edge of the burp cloth.

Fold the edge of the binding under and stitch it down with a 3/8 of and inch seam.

Stitching rounded corner.

Trim the thread left from your starting and finishing stitches and you are done!

These adorable burp cloths are a great way to get the most out of your fabric purchase and are perfect to complete a set of baby essentials. Congrats you are now well versed at making baby burp cloths! You will now have a perfect present for the new mom and dad and of course the little bundle of joy. 

Here is a photo of the matching burp cloths for the Mermaid print I used yesterday, just in case you were wondering how they came out.

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